Financing Life Insurance Series

The Transaction Structure
SummaryA premium finance transaction has several parties involved who each play their respective part in creating a successful solution.
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The Risks
Summary: We distinguish between five different risk categories. An examination of what those risks are and how to manage them.
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The Marketplace
Summary: An examination of the current landscape of lenders, the market, and Insurance companies.
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Historical Spreads: Interest Rates Vs Crediting Rates in Financed Life Insurance
Summary: An examination of the historical relationship between interest rates and crediting rates in financed life insurance.
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The Relationship Between Borrowing Cost, Policy Performance, and Internal COIs
Summary: An examination of the relationship between borrowing cost, policy performance, and internal COIs.
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Understanding the Client’s Needs and Designing For Them
Summary: How to properly design a financed structure to meet the client’s needs.
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