What We Do

Analyze, Educate, Structure, Implement, Manage.

The GB Financial Group is, first and foremost, interested in understanding and analyzing the current situation, understanding your needs, and your future goals. Does current planning exist? Has it been updated alongside the growth of your estate and the changing tax environment? Using knowledge and experience, we provide an unbiased opinion detailing all possible paths to achieve our clients goals.

Education is the foundation of our process. We want our clients and their advisors to have access to as much information, analysis, and discussion as they desire. From insurance carriers to law firms, money management groups, and industry panels, GBFG has distinguished itself through its tireless dedication to the search for and the dissemination of its advanced knowledge of all aspects of life insurance. We have the tools necessary to make sure our clients and their advisors are well educated on every aspect of the process.

The long-term success of any life insurance solution is predicated upon proper structuring. Our proprietary modeling system and extensive experience in long-term design and management forms the solid foundation for success.

Further, we combine our independent, unbiased analysis with access to the full gamut of insurance carriers and products. This unique combination gives GBFG the technical expertise to build the right products and structures for each client’s unique situation.

GBFB’s long-standing relationship with carriers, law firms, and lenders assures that the implementation process is seamless and efficient. Our extensive experience navigating unique situations through the implementation process, means we are prepared to help our clients achieve their loftiest goals.

The GB Financial Group has distinguished itself throughout the industry. Its devotion to the active and ongoing management of insurance-based solutions really is unmatched.

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