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Traditional Premium Finance, An In-Depth Examination
SummaryAn in-depth white paper exploring the need, the structure, the marketplace, the efficiency along with the risks associated with this type of a solution for the affluent client…
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Traditional Premium Finance: The Premise and the Background
SummaryThe acquisition of life insurance requires current liquid assets to meet the significant cash flow needs, which can preclude an individual from obtaining the life insurance coverage needed. In addition, because of the tax-free nature of the life insurance benefit…
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Traditional Premium Finance in 300 Words
SummaryTraditional premium finance of life insurance is a solution that allows affluent clients to acquire the insurance benefits they need, without impacting current cash flow and the possible cost of gift tax associated with purchasing life insurance. This fully collateralized…
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Examining the Relationship Between Interest Rates and Crediting Rates
SummaryThe long-term success of financed life insurance is predicated upon the fact that, over the lifetime of the transaction, the average performance rate of the policy is greater than the sum of the average borrowing rate plus the cost of…
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