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Gwen K. Baker – C0-Founder
Gwen began in the life insurance industry in 1993 as a career agent with Met-life.  From there started her own firm, Baker Insurance and Financial Associates, that  focused on overall financial planning for women and small business owners.  Gwen wanted to be able to provide clients with multiple choices of carriers as well as assist them with financial planning.  She developed very close strategic partnerships with several law firms and CPA firms in the area to help her clients obtain the best overall financial advice possible, including legal advice, trust work, and tax planning.  Working with attorneys, she helped clients set up CRT’s, CRUT’s, and other charitable plans including the Wealth Replacement trusts that provided life insurance as a replacement for assets given away.  Her expertise in life insurance planning in the realm of large and complex estates is known within the industry.  She believes strongly in the benefit those insurance solutions provide to the clients she and the firm work with. “We are providing families and future generations peace of mind through the insurance solutions that we provide.  This is why I continue to believe our clients must be educated to see the value to their families through doing this planning.” GKB

She is a graduate of Pine Manor College and Simmons College with a degree in Journalism. Gwen is an avid runner and participates in numerous road races, raising money for various charities as well as improving her own health and stamina. She is a member of AALU, Chicago NAIFA, Women in Financial Services, and was elected a member of the Wellesley Town Meeting.  She volunteers in Homeless Shelters in Chicago and Boston.  She also actively attends Opera, symphony and cultural and philanthropic events and enjoys foreign travel whenever possible.

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